MAY 2021

Agility is restarting on Tuesday 18th May, 4pm, 5pm and 6pm at Pete's Farm, Foxton Road, Lubenham.

Unfortunately, we have still not confirmed a new location for Obedience courses, so no plans for restarting classes just yet.



APRIL 2021

Discussions have been held about reopening the club (Agility, mainly) and we have decided that it is not practical to do this until 17th May when the social contact rules will hopefully change to allow groups of up to 30 meeting outdoors.  We will therefore be starting Agility after 17th May at Pete's Farm (day to be announced).

We will attempt to start Obedience at the same time providing we have an outside location we can use (possibly the show ground will be available) 

In the longer term, we are hoping to turn the club back into a more social club this year as we found the large hall at the school too big, too expensive (so we had to run more classes), too impersonal, and very hard work so it lost a lot of the fun that a dog club should have.  We are looking for a new location in Harborough so if you know of any halls that might let us use their facilities please let us know. In the mean time brush up on your trainning ready for May and stay safe.



At this time of year, we are normally asking for the annual membership fees but we have decided to freeze membership until normal service resumes.  Sorry not to have more positive news, but like so many things during this crisis, we've just got to hang in there!



Due to the ongoing Covid-19 situation, we still have no idea when we will be able to restart our training classes.  Because of the uncertainty we are unable to keep a waiting list.  As soon as we get any information about how we can safely restart, it will be posted here and on our Facebook page.

We are very sorry for a number of reasons, not least for any inconvenience this may cause, but we do feel strongly that people’s health must come first.

 If you have any questions or queries please do not hesitate to let us know.

 In the meantime, keep safe and hopefully it won’t be too long before we are up and running again.

Day Tuesday evenings
Time 7.00 - 7:30pm Puppy Socialisation
7.00 - 7:30pm Beginners I (John)
7.00 - 7:30pm Beginners II (Cheryl)
7.30 - 8:00pm Intermediate / Good Citizen
8.00 - 8.45pm Advanced / Scent Work / Rally-O
Cost £10.00 membership first  year
5.00 membership thereafter
Beginners - 10 week course £60.00
(including membership)
Intermediate / Advanced £5.00 per session

Puppy Socialisation
7:00 - 7:30pm Tuesday evenings
5.00 per session
For fully vaccinated puppies up to 6 months old
(please bring vaccination certificate on first visit)
Please note that you will need to pay the annual membership fee, but of course, if you go on to the beginner's obedience course, this will be deducted from your course fee.
There is no need to pre-book for these sessions.



Click for information about the Good Citizen Dog Scheme

Important Dates


 Spring Beginners Course


Talk Night

24 March 2020


Please bring vaccination certificate

No dogs


First Night With Dogs

 31 March 2020




Pictures of Obedience Course winners and the various classes in action

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