Kennel Club The Kennel Club's primary objective is to promote, in every way, the general
improvement of dogs. This site aims to provide the user with the
information required to be a responsible dog owner and to help to keep your
pet safe and contented.
Blue Cross Animal Welfare charity - pratical advice and support for pet owners
Dog Rescue Listing of rehoming organisations for pure bred and cross-bred dogs
Dognose Database of people willing to help dog rescue organisations in any way, plus forums and information
Good Dog Guide Dog friendly community website
Cobbydog Complete dry dog food to buy online
Nij Vyas Sheepdogs Sheep socialisation for all breeds

Breed Pages The intenet is full of wonderful websites dedicated to specific breeds, sometimes many sites for each, so it would be impossible to list them all here, and bound to cause offence by inevitable omissions. So, using one of the above sites or Google as a starting point, you can find out anything you want to know!




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