Day Tuesday evenings
Time 6:30 - 7.00pm and 7:00 - 7.30 pm Beginners
Cost 10.00 family membership per year

Beginners Course £70.00
(including membership)
Location Robert Smyth Academy Sports Hall
Burnmill Road, Market Harborough LE16 7JG

Our aim is to help you reach a basic standard, for which you will be tested, at the end of the course.
If you pass your test, you will receive a certificate.

Our beginner's class will cover the following exercises:
1) Socialize your dogs
2) Heel on lead
3) Sit and down exercises
4) Recall to the front
5) Sit stay and down stay

We will also try and deal with any problem you may be having.
We are here to help you.
After your initial course, it is important that you realize that you will move up classes as you progress. There is no 10 week period in any class after your beginner class.
It is also important that you realize some dogs will come on quicker than others will. It would not be in your interest to move up a class if your dog is not ready.
Your dog could easily catch up and pass at a later date someone who moves up before yourself.

Be patient and enjoy your training. That's what it is all about.

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